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  • Third Degree Relatives

    First cousins, great grandparents, great grandchildren. Third degree relatives share 12.5% (1/8) of their genes in common.

  • Thymine

    One of the four DNA bases, abbreviated as “T.” See base.

  • Trait

    A trait is a notable feature of a person such as physical (e.g., height) or behavioral (i.e., the way one acts) characteristic, or a risk of a condition such as a disease (e.g., diabetes), cancer or syndrome. Traits are influenced by both genetic and environmental factors. In My46, traits are color-coded into nine different categories and preferences for results return and the review of results are organized by category. Note, the same trait can be included in more than one category.

  • Trait Profile

    Trait profiles are short descriptions and explanations about a wide range of genetic conditions, written in family-friendly language by genetic counselors and physicians.

  • Tumor Suppressor Genes

    Genes that control the growth of cells. Changes or mutations in a tumor suppressor gene allow cells to grow uncontrollably. This may contribute to the development of cancer.

My46 is an innovative web-based tool that enables individuals to manage their own genetic testing results.

Your genome is your entire genetic code or all of the DNA in a cell.

What My46 Means

Most human cells have 46 chromosomes that provide the genetic instructions for a body to live, grow, and develop.

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