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  • Recessive

    Refers to the presence of a genetic disorder when inheriting two changed copies of a gene are needed for a person to show signs of the condition. In recessive inheritance of a gene on the X chromosome (“X-linked recessive inheritance”), males have only one copy of the X chromosome. Therefore, a mutation in a single copy of the gene is enough to cause the disorder. See autosomal recessive and X-linked recessive. Compare this term to dominant.

  • Reference Genome

    A database created by scientists to represent the genetic information in humans. Genetic information is combined from the DNA sequences of 10 to 12 people; the reference genome does not represent any one person’s genetic sequence. It is an example of a human genetic sequence that is useful for genetic analyses.

  • Replication

    Refers to the process of copying all the DNA within the nucleus of a cell when the cell is preparing to divide and make a new cell. Errors in the copying (“replication”) of the DNA are often the source of variations (“mutations”) in DNA.

  • Report

    Result Reports provide information about a genetic testing result, the associated trait, and guidance about what the result means for an individual written using technical terms that make it better suited to share with healthcare providers.

  • Results Navigator

    On the Results Navigator page, you can view the trait profiles, result summaries, and result reports associated with each genetic test result you have selected for return.

  • Results Preferences

    On the Results Preferences page, you can view and set your preferences for which genetic test results you want to receive.

My46 is an innovative web-based tool that enables individuals to manage their own genetic testing results.

Your genome is your entire genetic code or all of the DNA in a cell.

What My46 Means

Most human cells have 46 chromosomes that provide the genetic instructions for a body to live, grow, and develop.

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